Types Of Buses Available to Rent In Georgia

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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Corporate Retreat shuttles

Corporate Retreat

A regional sales manager at Charter Buses Sandy Springs is planning an incentive trip for her top-performing sales representatives in Atlanta. She chooses 15 reps from different territories and arranges for them to meet at the headquarters, then rent a 25-passenger minibus for a day trip to tour Atlanta. The itinerary includes the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, and a cooking class. She rents the minibus for 10 hours at a rate of $150 per hour, totaling $1,500. There is a minimum rental of 5 hours. She also tips the driver 10% for excellent service, adding $150. The total cost of the Atlanta charter bus rental is $1,650, making it $110 per person. The sales manager feels the experience and team bonding is worth the spend, and the reps have a fantastic time seeing Atlanta’s top attractions.

school field trip shuttle

School Trip

A high school principal in Sandy Springs wants to reward the top 40 students with a trip to Lake Lanier Islands for an afternoon of fun. He rents a 32-passenger minibus to transport the group the 15 miles from the high school to the resort, with pickup at noon and dropoff at 5PM. The 5-hour rental costs $600. Once at the resort, the students have access to the beach, water park, golf course, and ropes course. The principal treats them to lunch at the onsite restaurant for $320. At the end of the day, he tips the driver 10% ($60) for providing excellent and safe service. The total cost comes out to $980 to treat the academic all-stars to a memorable afternoon of fun in the sun at Lake Lanier Islands, conveniently transported by our comfortable and modern minibuses.

sports team transportation

Basketball Away Game

A youth basketball team in Sandy Springs is planning an end-of-season trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. The team has 12 players and 2 coaches, so they will need a small charter bus rental. For their trip from their gym in Sandy Springs to Six Flags, which is about 22 miles away, and then back at the end of the day, the total roundtrip mileage is 44 miles. For an 8-hour rental on a Saturday during peak season with 44 miles traveled and a 14-passenger minibus, the total cost comes out to $880. The price per person ends up being around $59 for the full day trip. The youth basketball team is able to enjoy a fun day at the amusement park while having safe and comfortable transportation provided by our company.

youth group of church trip plan

Youth Group Travel

A youth group from a church in Vinings plans a day trip to explore the rich history and culture of coastal Savannah. Their pastor books one of our premium 56-passenger buses to comfortably transport the 42 teens and adult chaperones on the 3-hour drive from Vinings to Savannah’s historic district.

Given the long distance and 8 hours of total rental time, the price quote comes to $1,650 plus applicable taxes and fees. Tips are not required but always appreciated. The group has a fantastic educational and bonding experience touring Savannah’s cobblestone streets, visiting preserved plantation homes, and learning about the city’s role in the Civil War. The charter bus rental allows them to travel together, have space to eat snacks and chat, and not have to worry about driving or parking as they take in the sights.

family reunion group travel bus rental

Family Group Travel

A family reunion in Atlanta wanted an easy way to see the highlights of Sandy Springs for their 50 attendees. They rented a 56 passenger charter bus for a full Saturday to take them from their hotel to top attractions like the Children’s Garden, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, and Avalon. The 8 hour rental from 9am-5pm was $960 plus a 10% driver tip of $96, totaling $1,056. With 50 people, it came out to only $21 per person for a full day of transportation to Sandy Springs sights. The charter bus offered features like TVs, WiFi, and ADA accessibility while eliminating parking headaches. The family was able to customize their own fun itinerary while having a professional driver safely shuttle them around the city.

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